Bad Romance Swingers Club Rome

We remember our friendly members and not that Bad romance swinger club is a club for couples. The only 5 singles who can access must absolutely have a casual elegant dress code (example : blouse, long trousers and non-gym shoes) or they will not be admitted to ‘ entrance. The singer must be juvenile and beautiful. Booking is recommended to singlemen to ensure a place inside. Bad Romance Swinger Club in Rome center, makes a careful association selection the board to have fun in our club is to socialize. People will be presented as they arrive. Bad Romance club is to be considered a libertine meeting place where sex is also allowed inside.

The average age of our frequenters is around 35 years. The finest evenings are born by socializing and creating the necessary intrigue.

You are not obliged to have sex in the room but communication is important regardless of spending a nice evening in the company of cheerful and transgressive people. If you are not ready to socialize Bad Romance is not your case.
Shyness is welcome arrogance no!

Couples attending our club are authentic and true, you will not find scheduled nights or discounted sex, not having any girl or couple working in the club.
Every night is original as an artwork where art painters will be you.
In our club it is not important to find many or few people, the important thing is to enter with the right spirit or that of knowing other people and getting acquainted.


Area Testaccio

St Beniamino Franklin 3,a

Rome IT 00153