Club Sadistique

Club Sadistique is one of the best BDSM clubs in Milan. Sadistique is a BDSM party open to anyone who who’s into Kinky sex and BDSM play, from mild to extreme.
The club is an intriguing, large, safe and well-furnished place to turn your most particular kinky fantasies into reality.

Club Sadistique caters for newbies or experts, mind players and extreme explorers of every gender and inclination, bondage or fetish lovers, voyeurs and exhibitionists, bullwhips or naughty feathers fans alike, bizarre or fetishisms enthusiasts – this is the place where everyone can live out their most arousing dreams.

Sadistique is also a meeting place for other people into unusual eroticism, make new friends and… who knows!

Location: Nautilus Club, via Mondovì 7, Milano, Italy