Swingers Italy

Swinging in Italy is a social phenomenon that started in the early 70s, witnessed by the first magazines and films dedicated to the adult entertainment of those years. As an element of sexual transgression, however, the roots are much older dated back to the roman era.

Today, Swingers in Italy are the wildest and most open minded swingers in Europe. Swingers Italy is the best swingers site in Europe. Swinging is becoming very popular in Italy, there are swingers clubs in Rome and swingers clubs in Milan are some of the biggest and busiest swingers clubs in Italy.


Italy is fast becoming the center of wife swapping in Europe.

Silvio Berlusconi was joking when he offered his wife to the Danish PM. But a new poll suggests that a quarter of Italian couples are at it for real

Married couples on vacation in Europe might want to think twice before accepting that generous dinner party invitation from the welcoming Italian couple. They might get more than they bargained for.

Most swingers clubs in Italy are full of swingers from all over the world. There are swingers clubs in Rome, swingers clubs in Milan, as well as other regions in Italy. There are also hundreds of private swinger parties in Italy every week. Swinger parties or Sex parties in Italy are mostly organized by couples in the swinging lifestyle at their home or hotel suite.

There many sexy and romantic activities for couples in Italy. If you’re looking swingers resorts takeovers and swingers cruise in Italy