Nudist and Naturist resorts in Italy

Naturist resorts and nudist beaches in Italy are everywhere, despite this strong Catholic background. Swingers in Italy, like European swingers, tend to have a more progressive attitude to nudity and sexuality than the rest of the world. While there may not be as many famous nude beaches in Italy as in the rest of the Mediterranean, there are some beautiful nude beaches & resorts if you know where to go.

What you might not know is that there is nearly one nude beach in every coastal city in Italy.

There’s a clear difference between topless and nude beaches in italy. Going topless is a common behaviour in almost all European nude beaches and there isn’t a separate beach for topless bathers.  In Italy, most women go topless and if you are in doubt whether you can topless on an Italian beach, watch what others do or ask someone.

Unlike going topless, going nude isn’t the norm in Italy and there are specific beaches where you can do so. Since 2006 it was made legal, when a legislation was passed saying that beaches which were traditionally mostly for naturists could post signs stating that they are nude beaches. There are nowadays quite a lot of nude beaches in Italy you can enjoy sunbathing in the nude. Most of these beaches are clearly marked with signs to let the unsuspecting beach-goers that they about to enter a nude beach or clothing- optional zone.

Some of the better-known nude beaches in Italy are:

Nudist and naturist beach in Rome – Lazio

Nudist and naturist beach in Tuscany – Florence

Nudist and naturist beaches in Naples – Amalfi – Campania

Nudist and naturist beach in Turin & Genoa

Nudist and naturist beach in Milan

Nudist and naturist beach in Bologna

Nudist and naturist beach in Venice

Nudist and naturist beach in Sicily